Polo Marconi
Enemy Territory Clan

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Army Members
Scarapao General (Clan Leader)
Gaius87 Strategist (WebMaster)
Rambo Colonel
Sono_Io Major
Andros88 Captain
BatZaRRo Master Sergeant
JhonTheRipper Sergeant
evolas Troop
Te Mae Troop

About Our Clan
PM Clan is composed by Italian men
who share the same passion for Frag!

Further infos can be found here!

Battle Fields
We don't have a private Clan Server yet.

Actually, we are playing here:
(Dark Alchemy Server #1)

You can watch the server's actual informations
(Online players, current campaign,
player rankings and more)

If you'd like to apply to our clan,
or, simply, to tell us something:
contact us!